Dandelion Infused Oil

Now, I know that I’ve already talked about Herbal infused body oils before, but I wanted to share some information about Dandelion Oil specifically and as I’ve just made a batch this spring, I can show you pictures to illustrate its beautiful golden color. (unfortunately the photos really don’t do it justice) I would still encourage you to check out the Herbal Infused Body Oils post for information on carrier oils and other great herbs to use.

Harvest your dandelion flowers on a warm sunny day after the dew has evaporated.  It is very important that the flowers are completely dry or else they will spoil your oil.

dandelion flower

Place them on a cardboard box in the sun to dry out. Store in a dry area on a flat surface for 3-5 days or until the flowers are completely dry.

dandelion harvest

It is very important that the flowers are completely dry or else they will spoil your oil.

dandelion dried

Place your dried flowers into a jar and cover completely with oil and allow to sit for 2 or more weeks. Make sure that you put the date on the label.

dandelion oil infusionI really wish the picture below could show how yellow the oil comes out. I used grape seed oil to infuse it which has a slight green tint to it. The Dandelion flowers completely change the color to a bright golden yellow.

dandelion oil

As a massage therapist I come across a lot of people (myself included) if not everyone that hold on to things physically and emotionally. We also have long work hours, bad habits, postures, and sleeping patterns that continue to wear on our bodies.  This shows up during massage by muscles that won’t relax, knots that just won’t go away, and even spots that are so used to that holding pattern that you can’t feel it anymore until it is pointed out during a massage.

Dandelion is known for aiding the liver in flushing toxins out of the body. Dandelion flower oil is believed to help release stuck energy. Dandelion flower oil also softens the skin, eases irritations and burns, and relaxes sore muscles and arthritic pain.

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